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Modern large wall decor ideas for living room

Ideas of modern big wall decoration can help turn your living room into a stylish and inviting space. Here are some contemporary wall decorating ideas to consider.Some ideas for modern large wall decor ideas for living room.

  • Gallery Wall: Create a gallery wall by arranging a collection of framed artwork, images, or prints in a visually pleasing way. You can mix and match the frame’s different sizes and shapes, or keep it more uniform for a cleaner aesthetic.
  • Mass Art: Choose a large piece of artwork or a large canvas print that serves as the focal point for the room. It can be a bold and stunning painting, photographic print, or even hanging textile wall.
  • Wall decals and murals: Consider removed wall or murals that add depth and personality to your room.
  • Floating shelf: Install a floating shelf to display decorative items, books, or a combination of the two. You can also add potted plants or small sculptures to arouse interest.
  • Mirrors: Larger mirrors can visually expand a room and reflect light, making it feel more spacious. Choose a statement mirror with an interesting frame for extra mood.
  • Textile wall hangings: Macarum, weave, or cloth wall hanging can increase the texture and warmth in your living room. They come in different shapes and styles according to your decor.
  • Custom Wall Units: Invest in a custom-built wall unit or shillong system that not only provides storage but also serves as an architectural focal point. You can combine open cabinets with closed cabinets for an active and decorative solution.

Some popular products for modern large wall decorΒ  for living room:

1:Wall Mount Shelves for Bedrooms and Living Rooms-Wall Mounted Shelves:

The Greenco 4 Cube Intersecting Floating Wall Mount shelf offers a stylish and functional solution for bedrooms and living rooms. These cabinets, made from durable materials like MDF, strike a balance between affordability and robustness. Available at different ends, you can choose one that complements the decor of your room. The Greenco 4 Cube cabinets are a great choice for those looking for affordable, versatile, and aesthetically pleasurable storage solutions that improve bedroom and living room environments alike.

About this items:

  • Decorative and multi-faceted cabinets – These wall-mounted cabinets will look great in any room and are an ideal choice for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, etc.
  • Multipurpose – These are great for storing and displaying nixes, spice bottles and dishes in the kitchen, or use them as cupboards in the bathroom for toilets and towels.
  • Durable – 4 cubes colliding with each other Wall mount floating shelves are lightweight but sturdy.
  • Easy to assemble – Our wall cabinets for the living room are easy to assemble and mount with the addition of all the necessary hardware.
  • Innovative Design – This modern 4 cubes colliding floating shelf is a perfect decorative solution for challenging wall spaces or hostel rooms.

2:YGEOMER Floating Shelves, Set of 4, Gray Wood Wall:

Our products can bring you more possibilities of domestic life.
Floating shelves can be used to store bottles and jars for the kitchen.. In the bathroom, store the toilets on wooden storage cabinets.

Either way, our products can be delicious decorative pieces while also great for organizing and displaying your books, plants, pictures, and more.
The 100% natural solid palonia wood has a clear texture and unique craftsmanship to create a retro style.

About this item:

  • Multi-functional shelves- Our floating wall shelves are ideal choices for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, offices, etc. In the bathroom, you can keep toilets, towels. In the living room you can also keep small flower pots, trophies, collected items, books, pictures, etc. and even use them for cat cabinets.
  • Diverse floating shelves- Let’s use our creativity and imagination! The uniquely designed Mate Surface Metal triangular bracket can be installed above or below the shelf.
  • Product Description- Large: 16.5 X 6.1 X 4.3 inches, Middle: 14.2 X 6.1 X 4.3 Inches, Small: 11.4 X 6.1 X 4.3 Inches, thickness is 0.6 inches. The package includes 4 palonia boards, 8 metal brackets, 18 plastic anchors, 18 long screws, 18 short screws and 1 installation manual.
  • Simple installation- The installation can be completed in a few minutes through manual, easy and easy.
  • Space saver- Our wall cabinets can lift up to 40 lb of weight when you install them firmly on the wall, floating wall cabinets can help maximize empty walls, save space while beautifying your room.

3: Besuerte Rustic Wooden Wall Hanging Decor with LED String Lights for ModernΒ  Β  Β  Β  Β Living Room and Bedroom:

Besverte rustic wood wall hang decoration with LED string lights is the perfect addition to improve the environment of your modern living room or bedroom. Farmhouse-inspired home decor a unique and conversation piece.
When you’re looking for just the right light to create beautiful warmth and a more welcoming charm, nothing beats the stylish and versatile look of the Bessort Mason Jarwall Skins. Designed with original mason jars, LED’s equipped with fairy lights, and seating a brown rustic piece of wood, these hanging lights look good in almost any private or shared living space.


About this item:

  • Add beautiful farmhouse home decor – If you’re looking for rural accented wall decoration ideas for your living room or bedroom, this decorative wood reveals a disturbing old style that gives your home a combination of beautiful and retro look that’s compatible with any modern decor in your home.
  • Presenting the beauty of the house, birthdays, Christmas and this charming rural wall art decoration on any occasion is a perfect fancy feeling that anyone will appreciate. Impressive golden words and retro stars make it beautiful on top of the TV and fireplace.
  • Modest crafts – This wooden wall hanging decoration, crafted using Asian eastern aircraft and sturdy plywood, features a finished rural brown painting that is deliberately given to make any kind of house or place feel bad.
  • Comfortable LED Lights with Auto Timer – Lighted Mason Jar Comfort To add a calm glowing effect to your room, we added battery-powered (not included) LED string lights with auto-timers that turn on and off after 6 hours. Measure 11 x 4.3 x 1.2 inches
  • Unconditional satisfaction guarantee – Our customers always receive many compliments from friends, guests and family for decorating our hanging wall, and we are sure this will happen to you as well. Our products have 12 months warranty support for quality related issues, let us know and we will send you replacement.


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