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Top ten best gaming consoles

Top Ten Best Gaming Consoles:

Are you looking for a high quality gaming console.
We will tell you about top ten best gaming consoles that are unmatched in quality.
We used these consoles as a gamer and got very good results.Their efficiency is unmatched.
High quality material has been used in this console.

No:1 Fordim Retro

  • The Fordim Retro console has 27 emulators and 10000 plus games. More 3D games provide you with a better gaming experience.
  • It has a 32 GB TF card provide enough running space for 30000 games to avoid stutteringΒ  and delay.
  • It has a dual joystick wireless controller. More index finger operation keys and 2.4G wireless high frequency signal.
  • It has i3s smart chip processor and strong computing power supports the smooth operation of 10000 plus games effectivelyΒ  avoiding game stuttering.

NO:2 Super Console X256G

  • Super console X256G has 117000 plus games compatible with MAME,Naomi,MD,PSI,PSP and DC.It,s upgrade S905X chip better GPU and CPU better
  • processing effect and clearer image no frame and no frame drop.
  • You can enjoy games with family and friends support up to 5 players at the same time. It has 2.4GHZ wireless controllers.
  • It has 4k HD output and HD output quality is 1080*720p.

NO:3 Logitech G

  • Logitech G cloud has long battery life. 1080P 7-inch Touch screen Xbox cloud gaming.
  • Cloud gaming in your hands stream hundred of AAA title via wifi. It has google play apps streaming services and remote play.
  • It has 12 plus hours battery life and light weight. it has precision controls remappable controls haptics touch screen and Gyroscope.
  • It has exquisite appearance comfortable feel and it,s support tf card max to 256 GB 3.5 full view ips.

NO:4 Beijue 16

  • Beijue 16 bit has all new 16 bit games.
  • It has exquisite appearance comfortable feel and it,s support tf card max to 256 GB 3.5 full view ips.
  • It has 100 exciting educational puzzle casual games. It has large and clearer screen 3.0-inch high definition display ensuring portability while alsoΒ  Β  Β  Β  Β  taking into account the comfort of the game.
  • It has rechargeable lithium battery providing a steady stream of energy for your children’s happiness.

No:5 Credev Zone

  • Credev Zone gaming console has 2500mAh battery support long playing for about 3-4 hours,great endurance than,s size 7.5*3.3 inch.
  • It has nostalgic 900 plus games,unique and amazing games file and folders list systematically find the game you want to play by accurate
  • English name and number more quickly.
  • Handheld game console has super compact size and easy to carry wherever you go on a business trip,travelling camping equip with bigger
  • battery for long playing.

No:6 RG 351P

  • RG 351P has vibrating motor and supported PSP,PSI,NDS,NEOGEO and MSX transplant games.
  • It has 64 GB TF card come with pre-installed 2500 classic games.
  • RG 351P has multi-functional gaming console with support external network card wifi double OTG and double 3D rocker and also support
    3.5 mm stereo earphones.
  • It has exquisite appearance comfortable feel and it,s support tf card max to 256 GB 3.5 full view ips.


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